Weekly Technical Progress Update #17, October 17

Written Oct 17, 2021 by The SundaeSwap Team

This week the frontend team continued to work towards wallet integration. We've identified a few small serialization problems in the library we use and are implementing a workaround. They've also started working on the ISO dashboard UI.

The infrastructure team worked on our protocol stats aggregation, which will give a live feed of volume, fees, locked value, etc.

The smart contract team has been working on optimization. They also built a scenario testing framework that allows us to generate end-to-end scenarios to test the protocol extensively. This will also allow us to run a benchmark of our scaling solution - something we've promised to do before publishing an article describing our solution.

The research and development team built observability tools to help us inspect the results of a transaction so we can rapidly debug and validate large complicated scenarios.

Overall we started to hit some roadblocks that have slightly slowed our progress. Ultimately, however, taking our time to work through roadblocks around wallet integration, transaction size, and testability should lead to a more robust protocol, and a more robust cardano ecosystem overall.

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