Weekly Technical Progress Update #10, August 22

Written Aug 22, 2021 by The SundaeSwap Team

This week the frontend team focused primarily on improvements to the robustness of the frontend: state management, error handling, timing of transactions, etc. all in preparation for our big public demo on Thursday. After that, they worked on a series of refactorings around component structure and fractional inputs.

The infrastructure team focused on reproducible dev environments, and now we can deploy a new environment on the spot, for any demo or branch that we might need to do. This kind of immutable and reproducible build will accelerate development and give us high confidence when it comes time to launch.

The smart contract team worked on updating our contracts to run on newer versions of Plutus, to take advantage of some transaction size improvements. They also continued work on the yield farming implementation, a simple on-chain oracle solution. We are onboarding another smart contract dev, so keep an eye on our team page for that!

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